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About Us


We're proudly born in Melbourne, 100% designed in Melbourne using 100% Handpicked Pima Cotton for our basics and core garments.
Casa Amuk's aim is to provide you with top quality garments at affordable prices so that you can enjoy wearing our cotton, as much as we do.We do this by making sure our Pima is handpicked in the rugged terrains of Perú, and when we design, we develop our ranges with quality and fit as our founding features.




Our processes are unlike many others in this industry. This is due to the authentic time frames taken to grow and harvest this cotton, spin the  bud into yarn and then into fabric and complete dye testing and washes before the design and production stages have even begun.


Our factories are made up of small teams of artisans whom we know each by name. We produce literally from farm to factory and we navigate the procedure with support from our Peruvian based office, ensuring no steps are skipped in it’s development.


Named after the Pima Indians, evidence of Pima Cotton has been found dating back to 4400BC from the Peruvian coastal region of Ancon. It is referred to as an ELS (Extended Long Staple) and is the longest staple cotton grown.

Not only is Pima cotton known for its fine weave but for it’s durability, being the strongest of the fine cotton production in the world.

Want to know more? We've written a short blog about Pima cotton and why we use it, here.